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Lighthouse on the hill

Lighthouse on the hill

A few miles west of Beachy Head


London in Black and White

There is this fascination. Some people might think Black and White is just boring and for old pictures. However, there is a refreshing amount of people who push themselves to compose and construct shots which are stunning even though, they do not contain a single color other than black, white and the vast amount of grey inbetween.

For me, some pictures don’t work in color and it is the job of the photographer to find them. In addition, simply converting a color image into Black and White won’t do the trick. And moreover, with the colors gone, viewer tend to catch flaws in composition faster.

I love challenges.

Tell me what you think about the images of London. Shot at different times of day and night.


Going coastal

Going coastal

Along the coast, on the way further to the east, just off Brighton, Great Britain


Glow in the Dark

Tower Bridge in the Dark

About the challenge to shoot an object that has been shot a zillion times before.


They’re driving on the wrong side!

They're driving on the wrong side!

This is a start of a small series. Since I had the pleasure to visit London last week, I might have a few pictures which are worth showing. Hope, you will enjoy!


Enjoying a summer eve

Enjoying a summer eve

I don’t encourage anyone to drink alcohol. If you do, fine. If you don’t, fine by me, too.

However, there are some evenings where a bottle of beer fits the mood. It might be the company of a fine young lady who is too shy for the camera, too. It might be both.


River Sunset

River Sunset

Sun hitting ground over the Neckar river in Stuttgart, Germany


Nine-Eleven – the positive version

Nine-Eleven - the positive version

Long-time-exposure try-outs with an original Porsche 911


Star Struck – Mario Lalli on stage

Star Struck - Mario Lalli on stage

And there are gigs I capture, where I don’t know the name of the band until they hit the stage. Shame on me, I didn’t know who this fine gentleman was. At least, until someone told me the middle-aged-guy with the hat was desert rock legend Mario Lalli who brought his two bands Fatso Jetson and Yawning Man into Town.


Ferris Wheel close up

Ferris Wheel close up

The thing I adore about fish-eye-lenses: You can get a bit closer, even towards bigger objects. This ferris wheel is about 47 metres high.

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