A few pictures, not so many words.

Ausblick Sunnyside Up Festival

English translation below.

Update: Die erste Gallerie: Sunnyside Up Festival – Best of

Fünf Bands in knapp sechs Stunden. Fünf Musikrichtungen und eine Menge Spaß. Das war der Auftakttag des zweitägigen Sunnyside Up Festival in Dettenheim bei Karlsruhe. Doch knapp 2500 Bilder müssen erstmal verarbeitet werden. Solange ein erstes Bild von Way to Bodhi, die ebenfalls dort aufgetreten sind.

Way to Bodhi @ Sunnyside Up Festival

Way to Bodhi @ Sunnyside Up Festival

Five bands who were on stage within six hours. Five different ways to play music with guitars and other instruments. And a lot of fun for everyone! The first of the two days of the Sunnyside Up Festival close to Karlsruhe was amazing. However, it means a bit of work now, too since 2500 Shots are not going to process themselves, I am afraid. Until there is more to see, a first impression of Stuttgart’s Ambassadors Way to Bodhi.


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