A few pictures, not so many words.


River Sunset

River Sunset

Sun hitting ground over the Neckar river in Stuttgart, Germany


6 responses

  1. very nice

    13/06/2013 at 00:24

  2. Stunning colours. Almost apocalyptic!

    13/06/2013 at 07:30

  3. orijinalchris

    Gorgeous! I totally agree with ckponderings, it has a very apocalyptic/reality-shattering look… the normal urban foreground juxtaposed against an almost alien sky is fabulous. I could go on and on… (:

    14/06/2013 at 12:27

    • I’m so glad, you liked it 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment!

      14/06/2013 at 13:19

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