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Christmas Countdown 21/24 – it’s about you

I wanted to take the opportunity for a different kind of blog post in this series. Not with a christmas-picture.

As chance wants it, this is blog post #100 and with this one, I want to thank you, reader, liker, commenter, who- or wherever you are. Each and everyone of you who are reading this and who have read or looked at my posts so far. You came from more than 90 countries and have viewed these 100 posts over 20.000 times. Thank you for taking the time, commenting, liking and linking this blog or its posts. When I started this about half a year ago, I never thought this would grow to this. I wanted to have something for my family. Instead – or better in addition – it turned out, that many more – that you – have interest in it, too.

self-portrait. With camera.

self-portrait. With camera.

Thank you for providing me feedback, encouragement and inspiration. In so many ways. Commenting, your own posts or even your comments on others posts. I have never met so much creativity and positive energy in a free environment, so much expertise in an area I want to improve myself in. Thank you.

Even though, you might not celebrate Christmas on December 24th, or you don’t even celebrate Christmas or anything alike at all, I hope, you have a few quiet and enjoyable days ahead. I know that when I arrive at my family’s place today – safely and not too late, hopefully – Christmas time really starts. A time to get together with the family. To get away from work and the stressful life for a bit. And this is what I wish for you, as well. A bit of time with the ones that are close to you. A bit of time to celebrate love and gratitude.

Thanks to you.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com! This is your very first post.

Nun, dann wollen wir mal. Sachen veröffentlichen. Raus in das große Internetz schicken und hoffen, dass es irgendwer sieht.

Was gibt es zu sehen?
Vorrangig Fotografien. Von mir. Für Freunde, Familie, Bekannte oder auch nur für mich selbst geschossen. Mit den unterschiedlichsten Themen: Konzerte, Landschaften, Städte, Menschen, Tiere. Was sich finden lässt und lang genug mit der Linse einfangbar bleibt. Videos und Links, sofern sie wirklich interessant sind und es sich lohnt, über Facetube und Co. hinaus noch etwas zu veröffentlichen.

Wie bei so Vielem, mag der Anfang ein bischen ruckeln und ungelenk wirken. Aus dem Grund freue ich mich über Jeden von euch und danke für die Aufmerksamkeit.

Hang in there, it’s going to be a fun ride!